Housekeeping Safety Training

Housekeeping Safety Training

You will learn


Focused on tight muscles developed from the daily routine of vacuuming, making beds, wiping, and scrubbing actions in cleaning procedures of hotel room attendants and janitors.


Body mechanics, ergonomic strategy, and human anatomy of our muscles and joints will be shared for people who aim for better work performance SAFELY to avoid sprain and strain.


Massage technique will be shard to release the tension on the shoulder, neck, arm, calf. To avoid common muscles problem like tennis elbow, frozen shoulder, neck tightness, etc.

Learning points:

  • How a wrong handgrip can lead to shoulder pain
  • How to convert repetitive pose to stretching
  • How to avoid wrist pain in using a vacuum cleaner
  • Should you bend or kneel in making beds?
  • Dangerous zone in cleaning bathtub, wiping the glass
  • How removing a pillowcase could hurt you


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Housekeeping Safety  Training

What’s so special about our Housekeeping Safety Training?

Our Housekeeping Safety Training is designed by a physiotherapist for housekeeping groups and janitors, which aims to prevent muscles fatigue and injury through human ergonomics, massage, and stretching.

What can you learn from our Housekeeping Safety Training?

Guidelines of a safety hand grip, body positioning, and proper cleaning maneuver for room attendants and janitors would be introduced.

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