Attendants are all sleeping in this briefing

As for lodging leaders, you might have come across the time when you are trying to share something important in the briefing or group meeting, someone at the back was showing no interest, some may start checking up mobile phones, or a few of them were just chatting too loud.

For a second you feel like being ignored. 


Would it be your audience are being ignored?

FOCUS and ATTENTION are two-way.

So how to connect with your audience better?


If space is allowed, instead of a conventional seating style in a classroom, try to re-arrange it in a semi-circle.  

You want to keep close with every single one of them, and to have eye-contact.

So, in your next briefing or training session, try out the new seating arrangement. 

You would feel the RECONNECTION with your coworkers.

Attendants are all sleeping in this briefing

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