On top of safety skills.

What’s more important?



After room attendants attending the safety training, they learned they should squat while making the bed, they should get the scrubber but not the terry cloth. However, when it comes to reality, it becomes difficult to implement safety advice in their practice.

It’s not they didn’t pay attention. It was because the sense of carrying the mission is just too strong, the mission of — finishing the room as soon as possible.

Yes, the training was great. All of them attended. Was it just about the demonstration of the correct technique in manual lifting?

Let’s learn the principles; NOT the rules.

Keeping their spinal in its natural curve is one big principle during motion or postural hold. It helps to minimize excessive pressure caused by the protrusion of our spinal discs and having less risk of straining our back muscles.

When they learn the principle, the correct method follows.

The bottom line is, to let your people know you care about them.

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