When an injured housekeeping staff is trying to report their injury details, leaders should never judge. When something wrong happened, we tend to figure out WHY as soon as possible. Let’s keep in mind to investigate, we need to retrieve information without bias in the best we can. Sometimes, injured staff could not even elaborate the whole story clearly and it’s common for leaders to suggest quick judgment of possible causes. 

        In order to record down workplace accident details,  as leaders, we should help them to get a clear report of FOUR W, which are

  • WHAT happened?
  • WHEN did it happen?
  • WHERE did it take place? / WHERE are you feeling pain or discomfort?
  • WHY do you think might be the cause?

      Avoiding biased and closed-end questions like :

  • Do you think it was too slippery?
  • Was it because you didn’t see it properly?

          Most of the time, the first thing needed by the injured staff is being listened to.

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