Corporate Training Hong Kong

Find a suitable company training program for your company

Are you looking for a corporate training program in Hong Kong? If this is the first time you are researching the corporate training program, we hope you will find our information useful.

What is Corporate Training?

The purpose of Corporate training is to enhance workers’ knowledge, skill, and work productivity. The employer runs Corporate Training depending on the available resource and the urgency of a certain issue.

What types of Corporate Training are there?

There are various corporate training that a company can provide, which include:

  • Occupational Safety Training
  • First Aid Class
  • Infection control Corporate Training
  • On-board training
  • Employee Evacuation Safety Training
  • Professional Development Skill Education
  • Corporate visions: Marketing Training
  • Employee Benefits Training Courses
  • Corporate Leadership Training
  • Corporate Policy Compliance Training
  • IT Training for Corporations
  • Corporate Training on Marketing Trend
  • Supervisory Management Skills Corporate Training
  • Professional Training in Legal Education Corporate Training
  • Anti-corruption Corporate Training
  • Corporate Ethics Training for Employee
  • Customer Service and Support Corporate Training
  • Product Knowledge Training
  • Production and Manufacturing Corporate Training
  • Communication Skills Corporate Training
  • Team Building Corporate Training
  • Time management Corporate Training

How to measure the effectiveness of a corporate training program?

  • Assessment
  • Questionnaire
  • Interview with employee
  • Group discussion
  • Observation of employee’s behavioral change

How to measure the effectiveness of a corporate training program?

  • Having empathy for others
  • Have a good understanding of the client (company)
  • Understand the challenge faced by employees
  • Able to encourage participants with low motivation
  • Good organization skill
  • Good time management skill
  • Understand the market positioning of the client (company)
  • Able to provide actionable tips

Company activity VS Corporate Training, what are their difference?

Through Corporate training, employees are expected to meet the company’s standard.

However, in company activity, there might not be any standard for an employee to meet. Yet, employees are still able to work on their leadership, observational skills, communication skills, etc.

What things you have to consider before launching a Corporate Training?


If the Corporate Training is going to happen out of the working hour, there may be low attendance. If the training is going to take before or after working hours, note if the length of duration would be too long and your employee might be too tired.


Nowadays, many corporate trainers offer online training. Talk to them and ask about the possibility of an online launch.


Are there any members of your company speaking a different language? Speak to your Corporate trainer if they would provide content in a second language.

Potential Risk of Physical Activity

If any class is associated with any form of physical activity, speak to your corporate trainer for any potential hazard or risk even if the chance is low.

Infection control

At the entrance of each class, consider placing hand sanitizer, thermometer check, and attendance list.

Outdoor Corporate Training

If your training involves outdoor activity, please prepare a contingency plan and corporate insurance coverage detail. Most important of all, of all means to minimize the chance of any risk or hazard.

(ROI) Return of Investment / Effectiveness of Corporate Training

One good way to measure the training outcomes to interview participants if the assessment is not applicable. On completion of corporate training, the leader should integrate the result and evaluation of class back into their corporate operation.

If your company finds now it’s the time that can arrange any type of corporate training to raise the skill or knowledge of your employee, do grasp this chance and start today!