It is not surprising to see staff speaking different languages within the lodging housekeeping department. 

When it comes to conducting safety training, 

do all of them understand?

          As for safety trainer, let’s not cheat ourself that we have completed the task by just delivering the content.

          Here are some examples that we may consider:

  • Looking for a safety training program with translated version fitted for all of your staff
  • Supplement Safety Sign or Poster with text content for the minority group
  • During morning briefing, allow time for translation after each message
  • During safety training, do pause and allow feedback and questions
  • Invite representative speaking different languages to help with translation to his/her coworkers from the same country
  • Ask questions after training to learn their level of understanding
  • If possible, create signs and instruction in all languages needed

         It is always a great idea too, to learn how to say ‘hello’, ‘How are you?’ in people’s native language.

         They would feel your warmth. 

         Sometimes, true communications exist out of language itself.


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