Today we are going to talk about Handgrip. 

Hand, being the important tool when we do cleaning, and try to move around furniture , lift up a bag of rubbish. 

So how can we stay away from wrist sprain?

There is only one rule , that is we have to keep our wrist straight. 

When you are gripping something tight, no matter its from a side view or top down view, the midline that goes across your hand is in align with midline that runs along your forearm.

If you have a loose grip, say, when you are vacuuming, your wrist is deviated. In this way, a forceful pull can trigger the wrist sprain easily.

When you are gripping firmly, even if the weight is too much, it would at mostly stay in place and we can’t move it. 

Then we would know, we might need extra helping hands.

In this way, our wrist ligament and forearm muscles would not be sacrificed.

If we don’t pay attention to our grip strength, sometimes, we can still manage certain weights. say, a pile of wet towels. However, we if keep this bad habit, some inflammation can start to develop and eventually lead us to chronic pain ,and that kind of pain can disturb our sleep.

So, from now on, when you are using any cleaning tool, keep your wrist straight!. 

During this time, I wish everyone’s good health.

Stay safe, stay home and stay strong. 

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