Corporate Training FAQ

Got questions about our live corporate training? Here is the Q& session of our commonly asked question. If you still can't find the answer to your question, please click the live chat button below or simply drop us a message!

What kind of Corporate Training Strainless Work does provide?

We give stretching, massage, and ergonomic class to corporate workers. Based on their common muscle or joint problem caused by work.

Do you give corporate training for a company other than housekeeping?

Yes, we specialize in giving a class for housekeepers, cleaners, Food and Beverage, and office workers.

What is the special thing about your corporate training?

We give a custom-made massage class, working ergonomics classes, and stretching classes. With aim of improving health and wellness for workers. We believe class content must be practical and highly specific to their actual challenges, with actionable tips and techniques.

Where will the corporate training take place?

We conduct class at your workplace. Any meeting room or small space where participants have a place to sit will do.

Must I have any projector or computer for an instructor to run the corporate training?

No. We have a portable projector and electronic device for presentation. The only must-have items for workers are chairs for participants.

We have an employee from a larger age group. Are they fit to join the exercise class?

Definitely. Our classes are suitable for people with different activity levels. We pay high attention to students with potential injury risk and medical history.

Are the corporate training only run for housekeepers?

We suggest running a class for employees with a similar working background so that they could be more engaged in understanding the problem and solution of their job roles. However, should there be occasion when you company is looking for training for ALL staff, please talk to us. We would try our best to integrate common relevant topic to your employee's need.

What time does the corporate training usually run?

We give class during our client's operating hours.

I am interested in knowing the cost of some of the classes. What should I do?

Please fill in the quotation form under the product's description. Or simply email us at

We have employees speaking a different language. Do you support bilingual teaching in the same class?

Yes, we do. We can conduct classes in both Cantonese and English.

What kind of payment you accept for corporate training?

We accept cheque or bank transfers to our business bank account.

What is your payment process for purchase corporate training?

Payment must be made by cheque or bank transfer within 60 days after completion of first-class, or before the commencement of class. For quotation, terms of use, and cancellation policy, please email us at for further information.

What are the class confirmation policy and cancellation policy?

Please read our Terms & Conditions below or email us at for more details.

Can we take photos or video during class?

Group photos for capturing class's moment are allowed. However, any form of recording on course materials or instructional steps is strictly prohibited.

Are there any notes after class?

Notes or posters are included in some of our packages. In addition , We would be providing ALL students channel for continual learning on our private online community.

What if I can only confirm my class date and time at the very last moment?

Please feel free to work the schedule with us. We would try our best to accommodate.

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