Housekeeper Job duties

General Job duties of a housekeeper

Here, let’s take a look at the general job duties of a housekeeper in a hotel. It includes:

Ensure guest’s safety and their property

  1. Protect company’s property
  2. Respond to guest’s request
  3. Report out of order issues to supervisor
  4. Keeping guest room tidiness and material available in the pantry
  5. Comply with hotel’s safety and security’s regulation and operating procedures

Besides this, what exactly a housekeeper need to do inside a hotel room? It includes:

  1. Cleaning up and dispose of trash
  2. Reloading housekeeping cart
  3. Keeping furniture in place
  4. Straightening up guest items in good order
  5. Making bed > replace linen, duvet cover, pillow cover
  6. Restocking guest room and bathroom amenities
  7. Communicate with supervisor and front desk about room availability
  8. Informing supervisor or technical staff if appliances or equipment not in function
  9. In addition, a housekeeper has to
  10. Report lost and found items
  11. Pest control management
  12. Giving turn down service in the evening
  13. Deep cleaning in back of house area
  14. Collect and deliver laundry items

Is it hard to be a housekeeper?

Firstly, when you work as a housekeeper, you may expect there would be approximately 6 hours of cleaning within a duty shift.

Secondly, there would be 12 to 16 guest rooms that need to be cleaned every day.

Thirdly, the level of difficulty would depend on different checked-out conditions. It varies across different room sizes and settings.

Besides, the following housekeeper job duties require moderate exertion:

Dusting furniture, walls, ceiling

Mopping the floor and stairway

Sweeping the floor and stairway

Vacuuming carpet and guest room interior

Scrubbing bathtub, wall tiles

Wiping window, mirrors, glasses

Pulling linens from the bed, from cart

Carrying trash bags

Kneeling in cleaning bathtub

Squatting and kneeling in making the bed

Manipulating housekeeping cart

Moving furniture

Climbing ladders to reach a high level

Stooping in picking up rubbish

Reaching to keep things in place

Arms flipping to spread bedsheet and duvet

Straightening up small items arranged in the room

Long hours of standing

Frequent walking

To conclude, there is a lot to do for a housekeeper.

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