You might just have killed the entire safety culture

While running a safety program, as lodge leaders, be aware of the choice of award & penalty. 

For room attendants, it’s already in stress mode being assessed, being marked as failed, and being told of doing certain things wrongly, openly during the briefing.

Yes, certain messages can get into the entire housekeeping group. But the risk of being humiliated would certainly draw people to shut up their mouth, even if they spot certain potential hazards at the workplace. Not to mention during the time after they injured.

In this way, no one would be willing to share, willing to report, willing to reflect. When workplace injuries occur, it usually happens for more than one reason. So,

NEVER pin-point certain fault or injury incidence to one specific person.


  • Encourage them to spot out workplace potential risk
  • Appreciate their voice-out
  • Follow up 
  • Obtain feedback from room attendants after fix

    There might not be a perfect solution every time. But as long as true communication is going-on, the goal would no longer be that far.

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