Safety and Health tips in Hotel Housekeeping - Podcast



A housekeeper is pushing his housekeeping trolley happily

Strainless Work is working hard to provide sources – blog, videos, housekeeping podcasts, and training materials. We hope to provide housekeepers to have a better understanding of ways to improve their skills at housekeeping. 

However, we believe each of us has a different approach to complete a task. 

If you have been working in housekeeping for more than a year, you will know experience is everything.

For the skills, tips, and ways to protect your body, most of them are coming from your experience. Very few of the tactics are coming from formal housekeeping training. 

Most of the time, a fast-paced working environment doesn’t quite allow a new hirer in housekeeping to think too much about posture selection.

Yet, a good habit is worth developing.

No matter you are a new hirer or an experienced housekeeper,  we wish we could try to help you in learning the safety principle, on the proper way to execute the task.

In case you are too busy to read our materials at Strainless Work, you may listen to our housekeeping podcasts.  We collect safety tips for housekeepers working in hotels.  

Besides, we are always looking for a housekeeper to be our guest speaker in our housekeeping podcast show.  


  • Do you have your own story about challenges?
  • Do you have any personal tips that work safer and faster?
  • What was the past injury story that taught you a good lesson?
  • What is the major safety concern that lodge leaders have been missed?

If you don’t mind sharing with other housekeepers on our podcasts, do look for us! 

We do have a private community on Facebook and LinkedIn. Welcome to join us and meet with other housekeepers from all over the world.

Probably your own story can be served as other’s good lesson!